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The Fetch Trainer

Load, Throw, Click, Fetch!


Getting Technical: Why Trik'n Treat Works. 


Good Psychology:

Trik'n Treat uses proven reward based Classical Conditioning principles to train your dog. 

  • Stage 1: the dog learns that it has to drop the ball to eat the treat. Conveniently dropping the ball were the treat is (close to you), they also hear a click. 

  • Stage 2: With repetition the dog learns to associate dropping the ball with the click and the reward. 

  • Stage 3: The dog has learned that the a click means a treat and returns the ball to your feet with or without a treat actually being given.  

Innovative Design: 

  • Ball Thrower- The length of the throwing arm allows you to launch a ball further and with less effort than by hand, and doubles as a collection device to minimise bending down. 

  • Treat Dispenser- Your dog has to come to you to get their reward, and if they want the reward they will need to drop the ball, allowing you to collect it while they are distracted, meaning no more chasing or tug of war. 

  • Clicker- As the treat is dispensed a click is produced, which the dog learns to associate with dropping the ball. The result is that (with training) the dog reflexively drops the ball when it hears a click. This means no more yelling (or pleading) for obedience. 

  • Reward Bowl- Its a pain carrying more than you need to when you are out and about, so Trik'n Treat has an inbuilt bowl for feeding and watering your dog. The bowl is positioned so that you don't have to bend down to give a treat, and also works well as a ladle for outside taps. 

The result is a dog who comes to you and  drops the ball at your feet allowing you to easily pick it up. It also means; no more slobbery hands, no carrying a second ball for distraction, and no need to carry water bowl. 

Thanks to Trik'n Treat, Evan and many others can once again rekindle the joy of fetch.

How it Works



Throw further with less effort and keep your hands clean at the same time.


learning fetch can be thirsty work, and having a drinking bowl built into your Fetch Trainer means one less thing to carry.


No more slimy hands, no more wet shoes, and less bending down for sore backs and knees.


When the lever is depressed it clicks and dispenses a treat. By combining a food reward with a click trainer your dog learns that returning the ball feels great.

Water Bowl

Ball Collector

Treat Dispenser & Click Trainer

Ball Thrower

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