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About Us

The Trik'n Treat Story

Trik'n Treat began as a way to help a friend with back problems reconnect with his dog, and grew into an all in one Fetch training solution.

As the owner of an extremely playful Poodle Collie cross, Evan found himself  in an endless game of fetch. This required him to constantly bend down to collect returned balls and to give treats, a task which caused him considerable discomfort. Evan enjoyed teaching his dog, so he continued to play, but the pain and effort were starting to take the fun out of it. 

Research into the market revealed that Evans case was far from unique. Many people who would like to play Fetch are limited by physical difficulties, or have just given up due to doggy disobedience.

Our research Identified these core problems for dog owners:

  • Balls were not being returned. 

  • Fetch turning into a game of tug of war.

  • Dogs pretending to surrender the ball only to snatch it up and run away when the person reaches for it.

  • Slobbery hands from picking up a ball

  • Sore knees and backs from repetitive bending

  • Throwing far enough to properly exercise an animal without exhausting yourself.

  • The bulk of carrying a water bowl for use at public taps,

  • Getting wet shoes when filling water bowls

Through thoughtful design and testing (an lots of furry four legged feedback) we  developed the Trik'n Treat fetch Trainer to eliminate these problems and help make fetch accessible and fun for everyone.

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